i opened the book and once again, i saw his name and his handwriting. and then i turned to my fav page, the last few pages. i saw his motivational words, yes. his own words.
'one day my child will use this book, and he/she will be better than me'
too much.
too much.

i need someone like him.
someone who will motivate me like he used to.
someone who believe in me.
someone who will slap me for being silly.
someone who can encourage me.
someone who teach me about life.

i need guidance.
O Allah
i need guidance.

give me strength ya Allah

to someone that i call DADDY
dad, i can't promise you anything
but i will, try to keep my words.
i will try my best to look after them.
i will try my best to guide my siblings
i will try my best to make mum happy
last but not least, i will always pray for you.

permudahkan urusan ku ya Allah.
jangan Kau jadikan sedikit ujian ini sebagai pematah semangat ku.

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CIk EpaL hijAu~ said...

Be strong kak ana!
I know u can do it...